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ISO Certification in Chandigarh

ISO Certification Body In Chandigarh offer ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000, HACCP, Third Party Inspection and Lead Auditor Training

ISO Certification in Chandigarh

Many people searching for the ISO Certification Companies and want to know what is iso certification as well as how to get ISO Certification in Chandigarh, India. If you are also looking for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, and HACCP certification.


For the interest of Organization in Chandigarh, the different types of ISO Certification and its Benefits are given below – which will help the organization to understand it benefits – which help the organization to grow and be a successful organization in its community/services


About ISO Certification

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. There are many benefits of getting ISO Certification for an organization such as minimizing the mistakes, improves reporting and communication, Provides Better Quality product & Services, Each organization wants to retain and establish its market, and maintain its existence, to comply the tender requirements, to enhance the customer satisfaction, to explore the new boundaries organizations need ISO Certification, somehow it is a customer requirement.



ISO certification for Environmental Management – the organization gets the advantage of enhancement of Environmental performance of the organization by reducing the pollution created through Operations, activities, and products. Improve the compliance of Legal and regulatory requirements of Govt. and Local authority -when adopting the EMS certification.



ISO  certification related to Occupational health and safety -has its specific benefit to the organization – Enhanced the OHS performance of the organization, Reduced the Accident / Incident, Ill Health and Fatal in the organization by reducing the OHS risk in the organization and same time OHS related Legal compliance will be enhanced and meets the regulation of Factory Act, the requirement of Labour Law etc.  When an organization adopts Occupational health and Safety Certification.



ISO Certification related to Food Safety as an advantage – Prevent the Contamination of different types of Food Safety Hazards – which are most common potential for contamination in Food during, Storage of Raw material, Processing of Food, Packing of Food or during Transportation of Food or Storage of Food etc.  improve the Legal compliance related to Food Safety.  improve the Food Safety which will enhance the Customer Satisfaction and Overall Business profitability of the organization Enhanced.



ISO Certification for information security has benefits of Data security, Security of Confidential information of the organization, information security of key Business information/Data, Information security of Client information data, Information / Data security of Intellectual property of the organization, improve the compliance of Cyber Security regulation, Enhance the confidence of Clients, Credibility of the organization will be enhanced – when the organization adopts the ISO Certification related to information security.




How ISO Certification helps Organizations to Expand Business Globally: – By certifying organization from ISO Standard   Organization credibility Increases, customer satisfaction Increases with Products or services, revenues increase   Expansion in Business.


There are many ISO standards that are being used all over the world based on organization activity. Following ISO can be implemented for the Sectors like Information Technology Services, Banking, Hotels, Education, Food

  1. QMS (ISO 9001:2015):- Quality Management System
  2. EMS (ISO 14001:2015) Environmental Management System
  3. ISMS(ISO 27001:2013):- Information Security Management System
  4. OHSMS(ISO 45001:2018):- Occupational Health Safety Management System
  5. FSMS(ISO 22000:2018) :- Food Safety Management System



What is ISO 14001:2015 Certification

ISO 14001:2015 is an Environmental Management System, this standard can be chosen by any organization for ISO14001 implementation in the organization and getting ISO Certification.


Why ISO 14001 certification is important to an organization? ISO 14001 certification is important in the organization by certifying organization from  ISO 14001 the Compliances of Statutory & Regulatory Requirements Improves  Compliance is the process of making sure that organization follows the laws, regulations that apply to an organization with respect to their  Scope of work, Enhances Awareness of Environmental Performance, environmental impact decreases by controlling the life cycle of a product, Reduces the Pollution created by the organization, Encourages improvement in operational control.



Documents Required for implementation of  ISO 14001:-  Define Scope of Environmental Management System by involving team members of the organization, Prepare Environmental Management policies with the involvement of Top Management commitments for the prevention of pollution can be of any type noise, water, air, soil. Prepare environmental management system manual, Prepare Environmental objectives and methods to achieve the objectives of the environmental management system. , Criteria for evaluation of significant environmental aspects, a record of life cycle perspective of raw materials, Environmental aspects with associated environmental impacts, Significant environmental aspects,  Prepare document on operational control, Prepare emergency preparedness plan,  Internal Audit, Management Review Meeting, Record of Training, Competence Record, Record of Monitoring, measurement, and analysis of environmental performance. The organization may opt for the services of professional ISO Certification Consultants for the implementation of EMS in the organization.



ISO 9001:2015:- ISO 9001 stands for Quality Management system standard.  Organizations adopt this standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.



Documents Required for ISO 9001 Standard:- Develop PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) cycle, Scope of Industry, Quality Manual, Policy, Procedure, Objectives, Process Flow Chart, List of Interested Parties, monitoring measuring record of resources, a record of training, Skills & Qualification of employees, internal audit, management review meeting.



ISO 22000:2018:- this international standard stands for the Food Safety Management system. By certified organization from ISO 22000:2018 customer confidence in the products increases. ISO 22000 can be applied to any company in the food chain, from field to store including growers, transporters, packagers, processors, retailers, bottlers, and restaurants.



Documents Required for ISO 22000:2018:- Procedure For emergency preparedness and response, Procedure for Preliminary Analysis of Production Process, Procedure for Product Withdrawal, Procedure For Pre-requisite Program, Procedure For HACCP Plan, Procedure For Hazard Identification Procedure, Procedure For Control Of Non-Conforming Products, Procedure For Internal Quality And Food Safety Audit, Procedure For Control Of Monitoring And Measuring Devices, Procedure For Management Review, Procedure For Document And Data Control. Procedure For Control Of Quality Records, Procedure For Correction, Corrective And Preventive Action.



Benefits of ISO 22000:2018: – Increases company profits, Insurance of Safer food, more confidence among stakeholders, Continual improvement of the business.

Difference between HACCP Certification and ISO 22000:2018:- HACCP stands for Hazard analysis critical control points. whereas ISO 2200:2018 stands for the Food Safety Management system.


HACCP is just a method to follow in pursuit of food safety. The ISO standard goal is to embed that methodology into your industry overall function. ISO 22000 demands risk analysis to evaluate each food safety hazards identified.It requires documentation of PRPs. HACCP uses the traditional concept of dividing control measures into two groups: prerequisites and measures applied at critical control points (CCPs). In the case of ISO 22000, these concepts are reorganized in a logical order by adding a group of control measures named operational prerequisite programs (OPRPs). ISO 22000 demands monitoring system and planning of corrective actions for operational PRPs, as for CCPs.ISO 22000 demands analysis and improvement according to the outcome of monitoring of oPRPs and HACCP plan.


ISO 22000 separates and clarifies verification activities and validation activities. Allergen control is a required prerequisite program in ISO 22000; however it is not mentioned in HACCP.ISO 22000, new terms have been developed, such as “potentially unsafe product” and the term “withdrawal” for product recall and product recollection activities.ISO 22000 requires continual improvement and updating of the management system.



ISO 27001:2013:- This International Standard stands for Information Security Management system. The Objective of This International Standard is to  Secure Information/Data of organizations. The three key Principles of ISMS are Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

An ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organization’s information risk management processes.



How to get ISO 27001:2013 Certification: – Do Gap Analysis, Establish Context Scope and Objectives, Establish Management Framework, Conduct Risk Assessment, Implement Control to mitigate risks, Implement  risk treatment plan, measure monitor and review


Benefits of ISMS: – Nowadays, Cyber attacks are increasing in volume and strength daily, and the financial and reputational damage caused by an ineffectual information security posture can be disastrous. Certified ISMS helps to protect your organization against such threats and demonstrates that you have taken the necessary steps to protect your business. When a business grows rapidly, it doesn’t take long before there is confusion about who is responsible for which information assets. The Standard helps businesses become more productive by clearly setting out information risk responsibilities.


Documents Required for implementation of ISMS:-  Information Security and policies and objectives, Risk  Assessment plan,  Risk Treatment plan, Statement of Applicability(SOA), Internal audit record, management review meeting record, implement training, and awareness programs.



ISO 27001 controls:- There are 114 controls in the information security management system standard for implementing this international standard in the organization.  Organizations have to identify the controls which are applicable according to the Scope of work.



ISO 45001:2018: – this standard is the upgraded version of OHSAS 18001:2007. The purpose of this standard is to provide a structure for managing OH & S risks. The outcome of this management system is to prevent work-related injury and ill health to workers and to provide safe workplaces. To eliminate hazards and minimize OH & S risks by taking effective preventive and protective measures. By applying these measures, the OHS performance of the industry increases.


Requirements of ISO 45001:- Develop & maintain OH & S policy and OH & S objective. Legal and other requirements, Identify Hazards, the risk associated with its activities, Record of participation and consultation of workers, maintenance, calibration or verification of monitoring equipment, compliance evaluation results, Emergency Preparedness Plan, Plan of handling incidents



Benefits of ISO 45001:-  positions Business as Industry leaders, Increases Consistency, Deals with Risk and Opportunities, Ensures compliance with all current legalization worldwide. Reduce the Accident, Incident, Ill Heal in the organization, Reduced the OHS risk, Improve the OHS performance of the organization. Enhanced the Legal and Regulatory compliance related to Labour Law


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